September 2022 was a fantastic month here in Spen Valley, we finally opened our first two Squirrel dreys!

The drey’s located at the 5th Spen Valley in Gomersal and the 11th Spen Valley in Hunsworth meet on a Tuesday and Friday evenings and provide Scouting experiences for 4-6 year olds.

Both dreys have got fantastic numbers, and both have managed to recruit new adults who have taken up leadership roles within the section. Hopefully once the first few meetings are out of the way, and weather gets warmer again, some joint meetings will be arranged and this will boost both groups.

ADC Squirrels – Michael Holroyd commented, “Its fantastic to see two dreys open within one week within Spen Valley, and given the number of young people who have shown an interest it was clear there was a need for Squirrels in Spen Valley”

Keep watching this space for more info about our newest section, as and when we publish.

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